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8 Years after BP’s Gulf Disaster, Sick Workers Are Still Not Being Cared For. Demand Their Day in Court!

Do you remember what happened on April 20, 2010?

Too many people are still suffering in the aftermath of the BP drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, while a big corporation and powerful attorneys walk away with barges of cash, ignoring the victims left behind.

This was a devastating and shameful event caused by the greed of a corporation as well as the negligence and greed of politicians, powerful attorneys and so-called administrators for those impacted by the largest single oil spill in America’s history.

BPJustice is here as a resource for people who are suffering and looking for answers.  We are starting a community to support and access to resources to affected people.

Check back often for news and updates or better yet, register for your free account so you can join the conversation and access our full library.

We are here to help.  If you or someone you know has been personally affected, please talk to us so that we can connect you with resources that are available.

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